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Supergame (East) 2017 Paintball Scenario Event Review

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Sun 27 Aug 2017 10:00 AM EST
Category: Paintball | 572 Views
(DM) – Sunday August 27 2017 As a paintball player, my expectations of player count of Supergame East was high. I expected the name Supergame to draw well over 500 players. There were in fact about 300 with the highest player density occuring on day two (Saturday) of Supergame.

No doubt next year will meet or exceed my original estimate. In terms of game uniqueness, Supergame was not super –  Supergame was more of a standard bearer all events hope to live up to. That in itself made Supergame great. Friday’s two stage point play named Spoils of War turned a simple territory grab into a much more important objective. Teams must first capture a territory (a small base - not a full plot of land) then raise a flag when that team unit is ready. That ready moment starts a 30 second clock where they must stack that territory/base with players to maximize points in the grab. Multiple refs are on site to make sure this part of the game is never in question, let alone safe. If it is all unclear, taking the territory is not enough. The team must decide when it can load the territory with the most player representatives and in doing so, that 30 second window is a small time for a territory to hold maximum value. At the start of the 30 seconds (started by raising their team flag color), players physically pick up spoils (beads) to be turned in later for points. This idea should be used more often in scenarios. See YouTube DangerManXX channel to watch Blue take a territory/base from Red, and Red take it back again with points in play. 

Asserting Supergame was not super is no insult because let’s be real, Supergame (based out of Oregon) has 25 years behind it – bringing that experience east for the first time means it has room for improvement while still being a fantastic three day outing.

DangerMan and Killian Le on the Berm at OXCC Field for Supergame East 2017

Supergame is regarded as the best of all scenarios due to many factors – from field terrain, organization, camaraderie, prizes and more. Bringing that experience east is a challenge that is off to a good start. As for the event accommodations, few fields can match OXCC in Chesapeake City. OXCC’s event staff, facilities management, communication and customer care is a well honed machine run by a family balancing out professionalism with heart. However as good an event Supergame East turned out to be, it was the inaugural year. It has room for improvement. Here is a full honest review.

The Game

Players attend scenario games for a big game experience. ...Read more...

Everything Wrong with Spider-Man Homecoming (Spoilers)

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 7 Jul 2017 2:19 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 525 Views

(DM) – Friday July 7 2017 Every movie has flaws. Spider-Man Homecoming is a fun film. It fits in nicely (or does it?) into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) established first in 2008's Iron Man.  

But does Spider-Man Homecoming hold up to canon or at least respect it?

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of everything wrong with Spider-Man Homecoming.  Don't read this if you have not yet seen the film. It is full of spoilers. 

...

Woman Texts Random Man Instead of Daughter - He Trolls Her All Day

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 28 Apr 2017 3:30 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 754 Views
(DM) – Friday April 29, 2017 Sure there are many Wrong Number Texts stories floating around the Internet, few rise the to occassion of being celebrated for their utter hilarity. This is one such story.

A 35 year old married man from Wisconson recieved a wrong number text from a mother thinking she was texting her teen daughter. No big deal to most people, but this woman refused to believe she wasn't texting her daughter. In response the man did what any fun loving modern Internet versed adult would do. He trolled the mother and since he was on his day off from work, he dedacated his afternoon to the effort.

It all started at 11:30 AM and lasted until just after 3:00 PM.  

Wrong Number Text ...

Paintball, Video Games & Comic Books Join Forces!

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Wed 22 Mar 2017 8:12 AM EST
Category: Pop Culture | 1773 Views

(DM) – Wednesday March 22, 2017 Paintball, video games, comic books what?  What do these have in common? A lot more than you may know. In short, these pastimes have converged with cosplay. In a word, LARP’ing. LARP is an acronym, Live Action Role Playing. It came about from fantasy dice games coming to life where players actually dressed in costume. More than just dressing their part, players acted out what the game roll of their dice required using prop swords and prop knives in mock battle for example. 

How does LARP’ing connect to paintball, video games and comic books?  Consider the saying, “All dressed up and nowhere to go.”
Assassin's Creed
You have this great outfit with some practical uses, but not put to use. That’s a bummer. You can see where this is going now can’t you? Paintball, comic books and video games have joined forces not to simply look the part, but play practical roles. Not all costumed characters lend well to this but many do. Seen below are masks that don't work well for paintball but would work with paintball's cousin, airsoft. However with the right eye coverage (high impact lexan) these two could be paintball ready.
Cosplay from New York Comic-ConPaintballers, video gamers, and comic book readers often overlap in interest. Paintball is the one activity where you get to exert yourself physically. For year’s video gamers have been in awe of some of the on screen outfits worn by their virtual counterparts yearning to act out in real life what they enjoyed on the small screen. Comic book heroes bring that same desire to the table.

Enter cosplay which is short for costume play. In most respects cosplay precedes LARP’ing. If you’ve dressed up for Halloween or a costume party, you’ve cosplay’d. It’s reached epic proportions inConnor Kenway Paintball Hood

Rogue One - Film Review - NOT an SJW's Wet Dream but Perfect 10 (True Spoiler Free)

Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Thu 15 Dec 2016 10:17 PM EST
Category: Film Reviews | 1493 Views
Five Dangers out of Five Film Review Rating

(DM) – Thursday December 15, 2016 This is a true spoiler free review!

Rogue One doesn't follow the standard Star Wars formula and for this the film goers are rewarded with a perfect 10 of a film. So many Star Wars questions get answered! Does it fill in the gap between Episode three and four? No. Does it lead into Episode four of Star Wars, A New Hope? Absolutely. Rogue One even answers the question how the film gets its name. In many ways Rogue One is the byproduct of 40 years of questions people begun to ask after the very first Star Wars, A New Hope (a.k.a. Episode four) hit theaters in 1977.

Black Storm Troopers of Rogue One
Has it been 40 years since the first Star Wars? That question is important because beyond Darth Vader being under a mask, a number of other players did in fact require some movie magic which almost works perfectly. Despite technology falling short of replicating a human in cinema it has come far enough to assist in bringing back some of your favorite and obscure Star Wars characters. While the social justice warriors of the world will claim victory with a truly diverse cast of characters, the truth is ...Read more...

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