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New York Comic-Con Interview with Deadpool Creator Fabian Nicieza

Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Fri 7 Oct 2016 4:07 PM EST | 2024 Views

NEW YORK (DM) October 7, 2016 – In meeting Fabian Nicieza it’s not hard to realize he is at peace. About everything. Perhaps some of it has to do with no longer being tied down to Marvel or DC. He’s somewhat retired from it all at the moment. Let’s face it, never say never. But for now he’s enjoying life on his terms. In fact, you could say he always has lived life on his terms.

Comics by Fabian NiciezaFabian’s a man that looks at everything from the outside. His objective point-of-view is met by acceptance and patience. You would think that someone who makes the move from marketing, (an administrative arm of Marvel) to writing would struggle to find his way. That could not be farther from truth. Fabian planned it that way all along. He always wanted to work in comics but his sensibility and outside perspective of how real life works had him realize at a young age he couldn’t simply break in at age 14, let alone age 19. No, for Fabian his destiny in having a part in Deadpool wasn’t by luck or good fortune – he always wanted be a comic book writer.

They say never meet your heroes, and my problem is I have far too many.  Fabian came to my attention in recent years when Deadpool began to make his way through Marvel’s adult publishing initiatives. Ever since Joe Kelly took Deadpool to a new level, the history of Deadpool and his creation became an interest of mine.
Comic Books by Fabian NiciezaI learned of Fabian Nicieza and his little known backstory of having moved from Marvel’s marketing department to …writing? It wasn’t a real leap I thought. After all,  I myself have worked as the VP of Marketing for multiple companies. It takes a creative mind with the energy to make things happen. Words and how you use them become intoxicating. A writer enjoys those same things. I understood how Fabian could make that move. It made perfect sense. Still I had it all wrong, because he had a plan. A long term plan.

For many years I followed the name Nicieza (hardly knowing how to pronounce it -"Knee-See-A-Zah") through the Marvel titles such as Cable, X-Force and the amazing full 50 issue run of Cable and Deadpool.Comic Books of Fabian Nicieza

Fabian has in the past been very humble about his ability, because he doesn’t believe he has anything epic to hang his hat on. What Fabian may be overlooking is that his thumbprint of style takes the place of any missing Seminole work. His humor was not evident at all in our conversation but it is unmistakable in print. Frankly I see him as the Tom Brady to Drew Bledsoe of football. Fabian Nicieza is that guy that was given a big break and eclipsed the needs. He didn’t blow any opportunity because he’s a damn good creative. Let’s face it the dynamic between Cable and Deadpool comes from the mind of Fabian Nicieza.

In finally meeting Fabian, there wasn’t any fanboy feelings, but rather a peer in writing, one I admired for having achieved his goals. We all tend to create an image of what we want to expect of people and mine was of someone that would on occasion show signs of Deadpool with some sort of sophomoric social commentary, and yet none of that was evident. I met a man that was professional in his view of the industry. He had no illusions of what it could be, he only spoke of how what it really is.  In a panel earlier in the day he referenced the analogy of how sausage is made. No one ever really wants to know how it’s made, it can be ugly or maybe just make you realize it isn’t always pleasant.  It’s work, that is certain. Deadlines and time force everyone to create on a schedule and that means in the comic book world you kinda need to go with your gut. Get things created and then re-write it better if you must but don’t spend time second guessing. 

When we sat down to talk, I believe Fabian found me to be a man looking for answers while being mindful of my place in the world. I was a reader, and there was only so much I should challenge in the establishment. At the same time, I hope to believe he understood I had a perspective of value. One he could share with his own colleagues at a later time should the subject come up and should it even be necessary.

In the end I gained a better perspective and respect for how the comic book industry doesn’t spend much time being concerned with little details outside the writing room. They are people like any other, watching TV, influenced by all the cultural trends as everyday people. And yes, it is a business.

If you enjoy this interview with Fabian Necieza please take time to follow-up with my Joe Kelly interview.

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