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What's this site all about?

Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Fri 22 Feb 2013 9:54 PM EST | 630 Views

(DL) —  Who is DangerMan? What is DangerMan's Lair?

These are justified questions.  

So here it is ...First some back story. My name is Lars Hindsley. I'm a writer. I've been one all my life.  I've done more than write; I've performed in a band, I've played semi-pro football, I've owned a one time successful company with earnings of over a quarter million dollars a year.  That is all in the past.

I have but one true dream now. To be recognized as a best selling author. That dream will culminate in 2013.  I will publish my novel Aeroplane City.  Learn about it in my forums from synopsis to free first chapter reviews.  

This site serves as my media hub.  Everything I do is tied to it.  Come here first to find anything I've produced or been a part.  Celebrity interviews, events I've attended, HOW TO videos, links to articles I've written for other publications, and of course the lastest progress of my book, Aeroplane City.  

To save yourself a load of energy, subscribe to my YouTube channel: DangerManXX and follow that same name on Twitter: DangerManXX.  

Please.  Help me get the word out and tell a friend about this site.  

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