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Interview: Carmine Famiglietti

Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Tue 5 Mar 2013 12:03 PM EST | 2456 Views
(DL) –  It's been a few years since Lbs the movie has been released. Since that time it has reached cult status. I would like to think my personal involvement helped kick-start the underground popularity of Carmine Famiglietti's feature film. See my original Lbs the Movie feature film review here.

What is Lbs?  It's an indie film by Carmine Famiglietti about a fictional character named Paul whom is battling severe obesity to save his life. A remarkable non-fictional element is that Carmine who portrays Paul did indeed lose over 150 pounds in the filming. 

I conducted an audio interview with Carmine shortly after the film's release in 2010 where he helped explain many of the subtle undertones of the story.

In 2013 Carmine and I met again in a Skypevideo interview. In this interview Carmine reveals some startling truths as we discuss life after Lbs. That interview is in two parts. 

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