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Lars HindsleyBy Lars Hindsley Sat 9 Mar 2013 9:58 AM EST | 2448 Views

(DL) – On a fall evening in 2012 I was driving home from the big city to my girl. It was a long drive to the country to see my girl in the blue polka dot dress. College radio was my time sink. As I left city heading to the countryside a jazz grass band began to play on the radio. Maybe they fit the mood, but they made sense, and they stood out amid indy rock bands. That is how I learned of MilkDrive, currently a four member band out of Austin Texas. This mighty little band enjoys numerous descriptive labels which all fit them from jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz pickers to many more, they are most comfortable with jazz-grass.

Noah Jeffries – Guitar, harmony vocals
Dennis Ludiker – Mandolin, harmony vocals
Brian Beken – Fiddle, lead vocals
Matt Mefford – Double bass
MilkDrive Jazz-Grass Band - Austin Texas
If you are not already a fan of the band, I suggest your first exposure to them be MilkDrive's cover song Dear Prudence by the Beatles. You can't go wrong with the delicate tribute to the city and a girl, SoHo from their 2011 album Road From Home. Their unique sound of mandolin, violin and country plucking banjo is honestly captivating.

The band soon sent me their CD Waves for review. In just a few listens, I had questions. How did they get the name MilkDrive? Do they harmoniously compete instrumentally? What was with those possessive song titles for their instrumentals, Tom's Ranch, Benny's Bus, Gargamel's Cat?

MilkDriveIn February of 2013 I interviewed two of the band members on Skype. That interview is available on YouTube under my channel: DangerManXX. Originally the interview was planned for three members, Front man Brian Beken, Mandolinist Dennis Ludiker and Guitarist Noah Jeffries.  

We intend to do a follow-up interview soon including Brian so why not follow: DangerManXX on twitter to get updated.

Like my country girl that yearns for the big city, the band tours all over the U.S. hitting the big cities too. Don't miss them live.  Seeing a band with this much heart up close isn't always possible.  Don't miss your chance. Check out their website for tour dates. 


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